Message From Managing Director

I am really delighted to inform all of our valued clients that our Engineering company, Fix Green BD. A concern of M.Star Group. It has a working as Exclusive Agent for a number of manufacturers from USA, UK, Spain, France, Switzerland, Turkey, Germany ,Taiwan, Korea, China and India for Fix Air Screw Air Compressor , Fix Power Generator, Boiler, All Brand Air Compressor Spare Parts, Generator Spar Parts, Compressor Oil ,(Lubricant, Synthetic & Mineral ) Chain Oil , Heat Transfer Oil, High Temperature Grease, Spinning & Dyeing & Composite ,Sub-station power system, Industrial Automation (R&D), Hollow Block machine Project And Industrial Complete Project & Technical Support. (MIST Joint R&D Project Develop & Automation, Pop up Target-Intelligent System (ITS) & Firing Result, Automation System (FRAS) Supplied by (BOF) & Bangladesh Army)With Ministry of Defense Project Develop& Maintenance Support, Army, Navy, Air Forces , Bangladesh Ordnance Factory(BOF).

I hope this engineering company will bring you a new vision of industrial development and expansion.

We have faced many challenges in our journey. We think the biggest challenge is the digital era in which we are living. Beside this on going open market competition around the world is another challenge that we are facing daily. But we have overcome the challenges by maintaining utmost customer satisfaction and our continuous efforts to give our customers the best products/services at a reasonable price.

Thanking You,
Engr. M.Star (BSc Engr EEE) R&D
Managing Director
Fix Green BD